Smart Philippe allow parents to monitor their children

Recent period witnessed the emergence of many smart watches such as Samsung Galaxy lime and Umit, but the most proportional smart hour with children is Philip hour. Philip clock features smart Characterized hour Philip smart design and a nice fit for children, can also contact some of their applications via smartphones, both those that operate running run Alandroed or iOS. Been provided with an hour Philip smart positioning system to allow parents to monitor their children through smart phones , and even identify specific areas are notified of the presence of their children or their exit . It also allows make or receive calls and text messages . Can be an hour Philip Smart also helpful dramatically in emergency situations, which contains a button allows to activate the emergency system intelligent and which automatically after pressing it to send text messages to five-digit predetermined , as the start time in the recording sounds, and trying to connect to one of the five numbers . Has yet to be announced about the price and availability of smart -hour Philip in the markets.

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