Microsoft: Office coming to iPad devices

Detection CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer said on Monday that the company plans to submit a copy of Office application touch-screen user interface compatible with the iPad . The next version of Office , which is touch will be released first for Windows Palmer explained during an event organized by the marketing research firm Gartner, that the next version of Office , which features a touch-screen interface will be released first for the Windows operating system , and then will be followed by version Balaapad . The company Microsoft has released a version of Office application compatible with iPhone , but it does not support the possibility of running on the iPad , and so it was being used Office applications for the Web through a browser as an alternative to the application is installed on the device. The head of applications and services at Microsoft Chi Lu have commented on this matter during the meeting of analytical saying " that the company is working to develop versions of Touch Applications basic package Office office ," adding that "Microsoft will launch for devices that are running the Windows operating , as well as other devices from In order to meet the needs of their customers . " Has yet to be announced the launch date of the issuance of Office for Balaapad , or whether it will require a subscription Boovis 365 , as is the case for for your Balaifun version or not.

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